Thin parallel metal sheets create moving curves (visible here). Works even better with two layers.

Brand-customer connection

A brand may not just be a logo marque or a strap line. These are merely symbols and words used to identify and promote a brand.

A brand is an overall identity that incorporates the attributes, quality, experience and connotations associated with a product or service. Each of these topics needs to be carefully considered both individually and collectively. However, it is also about the identity of the consumer looking to buy into that brand experience, and the two must resonate if the relationship is to be a successful one.

Theo Jansen - Animaris Rhinoceros


There is a feeling of rushed definition for Hyundai's DNA. The brand is pushing to define its style but getting the user confused with the its real identity.

A strange but interesting moving exhibit/sculpture in a square just off of St James.

Too many companies think of branding as marketing or as having a catch phrase or a logo. It is more than simply vying for attention. A brand warrants attention on a consistent basis, represents something that your audience wants but does not get from your competitors.

in motion

Christo & Jeanne claude: Wrapped up

Matthias Pliessnig's 'Providence Bench'

An investigation of what is acheivable with a seemingly static and unforgiving material.

"This elegant and gracesful fluidity can only be acheived with an investigative and exploring approach" David Bramston

Maarten Baas and Tejo Remy

Can fluidity be an adjoining of polarising and adjacent surfaces and still create an over-all fluid form?

Roxy Music's 'If there is something'

Fluid in a musical sense. Smooth transitions between different compositions in one lengthy song.

Jurgen Bey